Ombudsman Message

Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection Against Harassment (FOSPAH) is committed to create a safe working environment that is free from harassment, abuse, intimidation and discrimination, allowing workers the right to work with dignity and encourage higher productivity by providing a comfortable workplace environment.

FOSPAH is an autonomous quasi judicial statutory body working under the ambit of Act No-IV of 2010: for the protection against harassment at the workplace. Recently, the Government of Pakistan through The Enforcement of Women's Property Rights Act, 2020 has also given the authority of deciding the cases related to inheritance of women to FOSPAH.

The world order is evolving since the idea of globalism is making every gender realize the natural rights bestowed on them. I (Kashmala Khan) Federal Ombudsman for protection against harassment along with my team has embarked on a journey to redress the grievances of effected people. It is my paramount aspiration to sow the seed of inclusion and eliminate the barrier of seclusion amongst the genders.

A multi-pronged approach is required to address this grievous offence and encourage the multitudes to exercise their fundamental rights. Our vision is to proactively stem out all forms of discrimination and provide an enabling environment at workplace. We as a society has to make a collective effort to abolish the concept of orthodox independence and create a real independent environment at workplace. I believe that with my experience, wisdom and earnest desire to eliminate and curb the vestiges of harassment in Pakistan and our office will embark upon a path to change.


Federal Ombudsman