Kashmala Khan , Federal Ombudsman


Honorable Federal Ombudsman Kashmala Khan joined FOSPAH on 27th February 2018. Ms. Kashmala Khan started her Law practice on 21st November, 1996 with Mandviwalla & Zafar, one of the leading law firms headed by Senator S.M. Zafar and Syed Ali Zafar. She has served as a Member of National Assembly for two terms (2002 -2013). As MNA, she was a very vocal and active member and tabled more than 25 pieces of legislation in the Parliament. Some of her prominent legislation, especially for improving the plight of women include amendment in Hudood Laws, amendment in Honor Killing Laws, Sexual Harassment, Women Empowerment Laws and Formation of National Commission for Human Rights. As human rights have always been her passion and in this regard, she has tabled multiple pieces of legislation which include: Child Rights, Child Domestic Labour, Bonded Labour and Protection of Minorities. Ms. Kashmala Tariq further assisted with amendments in Pakistan Citizenship Laws and Rights of Senior Citizens. She had been a very active member of the Standing Committee of the Parliament (Finance, Commerce and Law, Justice & Human Rights). Ms. Kashmala Khan was the first ever Pakistani Parliamentarian who has won a foreign election (by 175 Legislators) and got elected as Chairperson, Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians in 2007 (Delhi, India). Being Chairperson, she worked keenly on Human Right issues especially the rights of women and served from 2007 to 2011. She has been a Founding Member and Executive Director of the Parliamentarians Commission for Human Rights (PCHR) for 15 years.

Kashmala Khan

Federal Ombudsman