Mr. Dr. Arif Alvi
President of Pakistan

Mr. Imran Khan
Prime Minister of Pakistan

Daily Case List
Date Case Parties
December 01, 2021 FOH-ONL/0000031/2021 Ms. Aliya Ali and Others vs Mr. Faisal Mehmood Abbasi and Others
December 01, 2021 FOH-HQR/0000218/2021 Ms. Naseem Akhter and Others vs Mr. Iftikhar Husain and Others
December 01, 2021 FOH-HQR/0000207/2021 Ms. Aftab Jahan vs Mr. Noor Ahmed and Others
December 01, 2021 FOH-HQR/0000208/2021 Ms. Riffat Pervaiz vs Khyber Housing Society
December 01, 2021 FOH-HQR/0000188/2021 Ms. Yasmin Asif and Others vs Mr. Shahid and Others
December 01, 2021 FOH-HQR/0000209/2021 Mr. Wamiq Jameel vs Secretary Establishment Division & Others
December 01, 2021 FOH-HQR/0000173/2021 Mr. Muhammad Munir Akhter vs Askari Bank Limited
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All Federal Ombudsmen, full review meeting held at Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad

President calls for strengthening institutions of Ombudsmen for speedy justice

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